IX Web Hosting,What is?

What is IX Web Hosting?

How many times have you seen a popular website like YouTube or EBay and have thought to yourself “I could have done that”?  How many times have you sat in front of a computer knowing that you are just one click away from making internet history? What if the only thing keeping you from reaching your dream is deciding out who would host your site? Would you go for a cheap hosting or an expensive hosting? What if you are told that all your problems are now solved?

Since 1999, IX Web Hosting has been providing internet hosting services to over 110,000 clients and 470,000 websites worldwide. You will be glad to know that the provider has a very high success rate and most, if not all customers keep coming back to us for our business.   In the time since then, the company has been committed to creating one of the most secure and user friendly web hosting services as possible. The result of which is the company you see today:  a strong global enterprise.

As stated earlier, IX Web Hosting is extremely dedicated to ensuring your website is as secure as possible, but what does that exactly mean? Simply put, due to their highly secretive Tier 3 data center, they have developed a 99.9% website uptime rate, meaning that they have a near flawless system that keeps your website online for as much time as physically possible by modern technology. In fact, the company is so committed to ensuring your data and information is secure that it has even purchased two backup generators to keep your website up for an additional 24 hours. Companies know that your security and safety come first and hence they usually keep the highest level of security to ensure that your business is not harmed by any security issue.

Let’s assume however that you already have a website with IX Web Hosting and something happens to your website which makes it go down unexpectedly. Such problems, although extremely unlikely, do happen and that is why the company created the Personal Support Hero. You need to be prepared for such problems. You should make sure that you have a permanent employee to solve your fixing problems. The ‘highly trained’ employees of the company are service representatives, whose sole purpose is to ensure your website remains functioning and reliable.

Combined together, the security and user friendly nature of the company has allowed countless websites to flourish under its care.  Shouldn’t your website deserve the best? After all, you have built your website with so much gusto and hard work!! You need to ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of the web hosting as it will indirectly and directly affected your business. You need to make sure that you hire the best out there so that you can maintain the longevity of your business. You will see that the company is extremely professional buy its daily conduct. Enjoy the services of the company; may your business prosper.

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