web hosting services,How to start.

How to start web hosting services?

Web hosting services are kind of internet hosting services that open the gateway of the World Wide Web for individual and enterprises to make their own website globally accessible. Web hosts are those companies which provide the space on their servers to website owners.

The most basic scope of web hosting services are web page hosting or small scale file hosting via file hosting protocol i.e. FTP or web interface. There are many internet service providers who offer this service free of cost to their subscribers.

Today, there are many people who want to start their own web hosting Company. The idea of starting one looks very simple, but things become more complicated gradually than the initial stage. There are some very important objectives to keep in mind previous to start a web hosting business.

1.      Get the website going: Get a template; create the pages with detailed descriptions of your company, plan it and serve. When it is done, configure a program like WHM Autopilot. This is essential because if someone orders for web hosting, the order should automatically be received.

2.      Sales and Marketing: Now, you will come across with more difficult part and that is selling. As this business is in great competition, you need to find the people who need the service of web hosting. On the top of this, the price of the service also needs to be reasonable and competitive. You should have a concrete marketing plan as there are many web hosting companies which act cheaply but are well reputed and have enough comfort zones to snatch your clients.

3.      Customer support: Once you have the customers and their web sites, the customer support is the biggest objective, you are going to face. The first and foremost need of the customers would be 24/7 technical support.

4.      Dedicated hosting service: Once your company is established, you will get larger websites to run the hosting company needs. This will be a must for running larger websites as shared hosting will be able to provide up to certain amount of storage space and bandwidth which would not be enough for large websites. The fast speed is another reason because of what a dedicated hosting service company stands out of the crowd of shared web hosting servers. However, there are some great challenges which come with this great service; as they need more time, more maintenance, and above all, higher cost a compared to the cost incurred by using a shared hosing server. The lowest charge in present market is around 100$ per month, but some of the best dedicated hosting server will cost hundreds of dollars every month to own.

This is the summarized important Steps to be followed to start a web hosting Services Company

  1. Selection of the platform to use.

  2. Selection of the control panel to use.

  3. Selection of reseller hosting provider.

  4. Setup the hosting plans and pricing.

  5. Development of business website.

  6. Make the site e-commerce ready.

  7. Setup a support helpdesk.

  8. Setup the clients billing.

  9. Creating a welcome email.

  10. Marketing of the website.

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