Budget Web Hosting – who is best served?

Budget Web Hosting – who is best served?

Budget web hosting, as the phrase implies is having your website functioning at the cheapest available rates, in a no frills environment. This obviously lays down severe constraints on the type of website the client can design. Opting for cheaper hosts lays open the site to intrusive activity by the host, who usurps the display on your site, with advertising gimmicks that often critically affect the operation of the client’s activity on the site. Even more grievous, are information hungry widgets that often hold the website visitor to ransom by fading out and freezing the entire site, till you are directed away to alternate sites that ask for information that makes you uncomfortable. Often hosts impose the right to display a space consuming banner, in the most conspicuous part of the page. Additionally, multimedia content on these banners and advertisements gobble away the bandwidth allotted to the client, which he pays hard cash for. The advertising can make the page incompatible with search engines, and often have content that outrages the sensibilities of visitors to the site. Other budget hosts with an eye to run a scam, offer ‘free hosting without forced advertisements’. This is the greatest flight risk operator, who collects the client’s initial down payments and deposits on glowing promises of progressive upgraded facilities, and simply vanishes without a trace. A novice client has to be aware that web hosting is a long term commitment between the host and the client, and the host has a responsibility to provide uninterrupted operating conditions to the website owner. So, the very fact that the host is waiving income that would cover his operating costs, should alert the client to the flight risk involved in engaging such a host’s services. Thus, opting for the cheaper hosting servers must be a matter whose pros and cons are weighed carefully.

Having highlighted the downside of budget web hosting, it is important to realize that it is very suitable for a certain type of client. For instance, novices who would like to acquaint themselves with the feeling of hosting a website for a short period, while they calculate income generation from future web activity. Advertisers with little need for dynamic feedback from website visitors would find budget hosts attractive. Basic blog sites with little need for multimedia and little time for interactive dynamism too would prefer low cost hosting. The success of budget web hosting lies in the ability of the host to provide a credible review to prospective clients. If his existing client list reads the names of prominent websites with prolific activity, the probing client is more than just a little reassured that this host can provide sterling services. If the host can promote himself well enough to have considerable reviews that are favorable to him, he has effectively carried out a victorious advertisement campaign. The host should downplay the benefits of cheaper hosting and rather sell his reputation by providing convincing endorsement from satisfied customers. The quality of his equipment and the access to resources available at low cost should complement the maintenance assurance that he provides.


  1. According to me,I vote for 9CubeHosting.com .They will provide budget web hosting.
    Recently i hosted my website using this site.I never had any problem using this site.I like their services.
    My plan includes
    CPU :2x Opteron 4170 HE 2.1 GHz (12 cores)
    Disk Space :4x500 GB SATA2 Hard Drives
    Monthly Traffic :12000 GB
    RAM :16 GB DDR3
    Network:Gbit Network Cards
    Dedicated IP Addresses:3

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