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Who is Web Hosting Reseller

A web hosting reseller is a client who subscribes to a company with a web server which distributes web space at a price and then proceeds to redistribute this web space at a higher price, under his own brand. A reseller really rents the hosting space from larger hosting service provider, and subsequently propagates his own network of clients, by working out a profit margin and providing compatible services. Where an individual approaches such a larger company for space to host his own dedicated website, a web hosting reseller approaches the company for bulk disk space and bandwidth, to redistribute on his own and establish subdomains for his own multiple clients. A reseller would then maintain multiple domains in adjacent space to sprout his own web hosting company. An individual with the compulsion to set up multiple dedicated websites, would be well advised to subscribe to a reseller account, which is cheaper and comes accompanied with higher inventory than a number of independent shared accounts. One of the ideal candidates for a reseller account would be a web designing consultancy that develops and supports the websites of his clients, as part of his listed service features. By offering his clients web hosting in addition, he expands the scope of his business. A reseller has greater access to the server’s control panel, which enables him to efficiently maintain his services to his customer network, establish your own brand name, and devise plans for the pricing structure of clients. By regulating the amount of disk space and bandwidth, you impose efficient supervision over individual accounts of clients. Entrepreneurs can scrutinize the operations of a prospective web hosting business, by contracting a reseller account with a host, and thus keeping their expenditure down, during the process of researching their subject. A reseller avoids the cumbrances of providing direct maintenance services which is the onus of the hosting service provider.

The importance of web hosting resellers is that they serve as liaison agents between the clients in the public market and the monolithic web server companies. They assume responsibility for the support mechanism for web hosting, which is integral to the uninterrupted service from the web server and the smooth working of individual websites. They also assume responsibility for server host malpractice and are held accountable for attempted scams and misdirection, which is becoming more common, by the day. A reseller account awards you the prerogative to allow the commencement  of a site, freeze its operation at any given instant and totally abolish it from the web. However, the prospect of presenting a reassuring frontage to clients, might include overhead investment in public relation activity and front office maintenance. Clients will only be attracted to established reselling operators, as the product is so intangible and dependent on constant server support. It must be added that a reseller account severely restricts the access to administrative operations. Any software controls that access server functions are regulated by the host, upon whose sole discretion only, is the client permitted to participate in. The prudent operator can make web host reselling, a flourishing and highly rewarding business.

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