To take your website on top go for top free web hosting!

Web hosting is a service where you get to put your website on the World Wide Web by placing it on someone else’s server. Many companies rent their server for a said time period and then place their website on the internet. You can either take the complete control of the space on the server or leave the technical problems with the company that owns the server. Some companies even buy the entire server while individuals who jut want to start can go for free web hosting. Yes, you will find many companies providing some space on their server for free. In this article you will get to know top free web hosting companies. You can go for the one that you feel will be the best for your website.


Some companies want to promote their web hosting service and so they offer it for free for a given period of time ay twelve months. During this period you get to witness their service. If you like their facilities then you can buy some space and then continue with the partnership. However, you will surely find a difference in the features that are available for free and that are bought. Some of the common differences between top free web hosting and paid web hosting facilities are:

  • You normally do not get free domain name in free hosting

  • You get limited web space and data transfer in the free one.

  • Add on domains and sub domains are also limited

  • Free web hosting is not supported by phone or live chat

  • E-mail accounts are also limited


Some of the top free web hosting companies are:

  • 50webs

  • Award Space

  • AtSpace

  • LeadHoster

  • HelioHost

  • ByeHost


The above aid companies have ranked top based on the reviews of their clients. If you want to begin web hosting then this is the best type of all.





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