The best control panel for your website- cpanel web hosting

Web hosting gets better only if you take the right decision about the server, control panel, bandwidth, disk space, speed and traffic. Web hosting needs the best technical support and knowledge to make your website more attractive and also to make it worth your efforts. If you want to add some attractive graphics and automation tools which will make your web hosting even more easy and simple, all you need is a cpanel web hosting pack which gives you exactly what you want. To know more about cPanel and its features, read this article further.

If you are thinking that how will cPanel help you in web hosting, here is the answer! It is a UNIX based product used as a web hosting control panel. The features of cPanel are designed in such a way that they make web hosting quite simple and provides three layer of functionality to administrators, resellers and even the end users that is the client. Due to the three layer functionality, all the three layers are able to control certain aspects of the website and also the server administration through a standard web browser.

Along with including graphics, cPanel also has command line and API based access which allows the web hosting organizations, developers and third party software vendors to automate the standard system administration processes. cPanel can be used as a dedicated server, where you get to use the complete server and also as a virtual private server, where you can buy just limited space for your website. This technology supports centOS, Red Hat Linux and also FreeBSD.

CPanel’s WebHost Manager also known as WHM is amazing because it has all the features that can manage your web hosting in the way you want. This is a tool used by server administration and resellers to manage hosting accounts on the web server. This tool listens to ports 2086 and 287 by default. This tool can be accessed by server administrator and also by those clients who have the reseller privileges.

When you get all the top features in a single toll, why not try it rather than searching for all them individually? You will find many companies who sell cPanel web hosting packs with the best speed. Another thing about cPanel is that it can be installed in any server all over the world. You can purchase it online and get migration installation, priority support and also installation support.

cPanel web hosting is easy to install and simplifies your web hosting job. Companies provide these packs with an affordable price, unlimited e-mail accounts, free set up, add on domains, sub-domains, anti-virus protection, daily backups and disk space. Different companies offer different space and speed. If you want to be sure of their service, you can go for their free trial web hosting packs. These packs can be renewed by paying a few dollars. The free service packs give you the idea of how these companies provide service. They might not be responding well to their customers but you can surely take the benefit of other services without paying a penny.

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