Best Inexpensive Web Hosting How to Choose

The web hosting industry has widened to broad range of niche marketing from shared hosting, to dedicated hosting. As the name suggests, shared web hosting is arrangement where you share band width and space capacity with other paying customers. Shared web hosting is a low cost solution that is easy to maintain for even the inexperienced users. Best inexpensive web hosting how to choose is a tough question, below mentioned points throw some light on this.

There are thousands of shared web hosting services in US alone. In a way, it is good thing because it gives many options to avail and select the service which adequately suits your requirement. Basically, there are two shared hosting systems to choose from. First, is the name based virtual hosting in which the host serves multiple host names on a single machine with a single IP address. When a browser wants a resource from a web server, it includes the requested host name and uses the information to determine which web site to show. The second is the IP-based virtual hosting where each virtual host has a different IP address. The web server uses the IP address when the client refers to in order to determine which web site to show. The primary reason for site to use a dedicated IP is to use its own SSL certificate instead of a shared one.

An individual or a company wanting to select a shared web hosting service should compare the best price-value ratio of several hosting companies. The monthly charges of shared services start from $ 3.45 and may go up to $ 5.25 and the offered features are free domain, unlimited domain, free extras and marketing bonus. A customer can choose the best options at the lowest price as given above. The other features that the web hosting service should provide are reliability of uptime and complete technical services support and continued customer support. A comparative of the key features and bonus features should also be made in order to narrow down the choice. Most importantly the feed back from past and current users should be reviewed to make the final selection. The technical worthiness and effective efficiency of a shared web hosting service can be from the awards won by the company.

In shared web hosting, the service provider has to take full responsibility of managing the server, install whatever software is required and provide the security updates and technical support. Users do not want to handle any of these aspects and are, in most cases, not even qualified to do so. It must also be pointed out that shared web hosting will inappropriate for those who want extensive software development outside the sphere of what the host provides. Normally the web hosting services do not give access to control the administrative features of the website, so development of software would nor be possible for users.

The above given guidelines can be kept in mind for best inexpensive web hosting how to choose, but ultimately rely on your instinct and better sense to make decision where the choice is just similar in price-value ratio and technical services support and efficiency.

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