Comcast Personal Web Hosting Reviews – what is Comcast?

Comcast Personal Web Hosting Reviews are the reports based on research analysis and comparative studies to present the features of Comcast hosting by different hosts in launching personal websites. Comcast is an American Corporation founded in 1963, which has evolved into the largest cable operator and the largest home internet service provider, providing access to cable television and broadband internet and telephone service to millions of Americans, both private individuals and commercial clients. Comcast is typical of a corporate web host server. Having established its credential as one of the most trusted service providers, clients are eager to subscribe for their services, which ensure the smoothest running of their websites, with a professional and reliable backup support system in place. The company is said to provide an astounding bandwidth limit of “several hundred gigabytes” per month to its clients, though other sources claim that the limit varied from month to month, depending in the capacity of specific cable nodes. However later developments have necessitated a monthly cap of 250 GB, as both upload and download for the total limit. The highlighted features in their advertising include the Norton Security Suite free (value of $160), 7 email addresses and the Power Boost Application for smooth uploads and downloads. Subscribers are allotted 2 GB of online storage for backup and sharing. The services come with a 30 day money back guarantee. They assure subscribers of 24 hour service every day of the week with telephone access, online assistance at “Ask Comcast”, Live chat channel with a Comcast technician, online community forum, and assured response to email in 24 hours. The packages are designed to be straightforward with no hidden costs or subsequent deposit demands. Their television experience enables them to bring the widest range of choice to subscribers by using their advanced networks. The “on demand” feature provides more content choices in movies, sports, children’s programs and network TV shows.

Comcast Personal Web Hosting Reviews report excellent support in backup emergencies. They extend complimentary service to subscriber accounts, if a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved. Problems arising from Comcast equipment are resolved free of charge to subscribers. Comcast is important because it is evolving as one of the leading corporate webhosting services in the world. Comcast also provides its internet services under the name Xfinity, for the three in one service including digital cable, cable internet access and cable telephone services, to the larger markets. The company apparently uses the brand name Xfinity to represent the infinite content choices and the varied cross platform features. The company boasts respectable clientele list of more than 15 million high speed internet subscribers. Downstream speeds offered go up to 105 Mbits per second and upstream speeds are up to 10 Mbits per second for standard home connections. Customers are provided with dynamic IP addresses. Comcast specials for web hosting can be very attractive to clients looking for a bargain. The company’s reputation reassures the client even if it is a cheap offer, because it is renowned for its back up support and assured uninterrupted supply of services.

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