Completely free Web Hosting

Completely free Web Hosting and Domains – what are the pros & cons?

A client usually develops a website with a specific purpose in mind. Now, this purpose can be a myriad of different social activities, as can be easily checked by browsing the internet. Often, the client defines multiple niches for his business and would therefore seek to launch multiple websites that require more than a single domain from the host. The nature of individual websites, dictate what kind of a web host the client decides upon and what kind of domains he chooses. The primary two features the client has to keep in mind while making his selection is the availability of disk space and the bandwidth allocated to him for his continued interaction with the host. Obviously, the greater the amount of both, at the lowest expense, the more attractive that particular host would be. This would be completely free web hosting and domain registration. However, certain other affiliated criteria are nearly as important as these two, because the essence of a successful website is the harmonious operation between the dynamics within the website and the constant provision of optimum conditions from the host server, to facilitate the functioning of the site. It is much like an intricate tango dance, as the partners are mutually dependent on each other’s finesse and stability to glide along smoothly. This brings the question of banking on completely free web hosting and domains, as a prudent decision .

The client must appreciate that a web host provider stands to generate considerable income from exploiting his control over the subordinate client. The expenses incurred while hosting the client can be shared with the client under the pretention of development and expansion. So why would a host offer completely free web hosting and domains? A look at some of the typical websites can offer an insight into these offers. The first thing that hits the eye, is the profusion of animated text and images that skirt the periphery of the web page, and seem to be completely unconnected to the content of the central page itself. This is often annoying and distracting, and sometimes invasive enough to arrest the functioning of the main page matter. The client must understand, that this activity is driven by the server host’s programs, that operate like sucker fish around the mouth of the shark. They are intended to promote the advertising business of the host, at your expense in terms of disk space, bandwidth and page area! Now, the client page could incorporate animated media, interactive programming and intensive audio-video calling. The dynamics of such an intricate page would be grossly impeded by the parallel display of headline banners and advertisement boxes. If the client executes business through the interface of his webpage, his customers would be severely disappointed with the adverse effects of such a situation, like page freezes or inexorable delays while linking. This is even more so, when the interaction involves monetary transactions. But the biggest caution here is that free offers could spell the biggest flight risk from operators who are outright frauds, with no intention of honouring the backup support commitments to the client. Therefore, the client is well advised to weigh the benefits of acquiring free webhosting and domain registration against the looming pitfalls of dishonoured commitments and potential nuisance on the website.


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