Importance of unmanaged web hosting

When we are talking about web hosting, many users prefer to have full control of the functions of their website administration. The best and preferred method of achieving this situation is by employing unmanaged web hosting services. These services are usually important and often give the client ‘full control’ over his or her administrative functions on his or her server. However, the best thing to do when an individual is employing the unmanaged web hosting service is to select a person who has technical skills on this particular matter who will assist him or her in installing it and also in server management. This type of web hosting service is normally advised to individuals or companies that have a technical individual who is capable of managing the environment of the server. Unmanaged servers are normally preferred for big companies who often require freeing their disk space. It is also recommended for individuals who are in certain professions such as engineering, multimedia, geographical and many other fields. The reason why this type of web hosting is recommended in such fields is because these professions normally create real time internet features which need full control of those particular hosting servers. Normally the businesses that require unmanaged servers are those ones that usually operate in house web features. Such house web features usually have big disk space usage. When it comes to unmanaged servers, an individual will have to incur high maintenance cost because when we are talking about hosting. This type of servers requires great maintenance option. The reason why they need high maintenance option is because unmanaged servers continuously require software and hardware updates, making an individual to use a lot of money. There are various computers that offer physical servers that are usually configured for the purpose of unmanaged hosting applications. These types of computers are normally expensive and if an individual selects unmanaged hosting servers, he or she should consider sitting with his or her IT manager and figuring out the amount of money that will be spent on it. If an individual has a small company, he or she will find it much easier to employ a managed hosting service. If an individual has a managed hosting service, he or she will be given various kinds of support such as administrative and technical support. When it comes to servers, dedicated servers are better and reliable as compared to other types of servers. However, this type of server is more expensive than the other types of servers. There are usually two forms of dedicated servers which include managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. Hence, an individual has to decide the type of server that he or she wants depending on his or her requirements. The managed servers usually offer an individual with complete support without an individual having to get worried about the website details. The unmanaged server on the other hand offers an individual with little support and he or she has to manage the technical problems that are involved in his or her website. Hence, an individual can decide on the kind of server that he or she wants depending on his or her website needs.


  1. I will recommend unmanaged servers that allows the customer to assume full control if they have the people to run it.

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