Web Hosting-Top 10 Review 2012- reliable sources?

Web Hosting –Top 10 Review 2012 would be the ideal indices for appraising and assessing the latest trends, offers, facilities, bargains, etc related to the world of web host marketing. Such a report would display the results of research and analysis on prominent web server hosts, and offer advice and information regarding the marketing strategies of the most promising players in the particular field. Details of proven track records, prominence of clientele, star features of individual company offers could all be accessed from this single point resource. Often, the most prominent operators are listed, and in-depth studies of their program features are made available as comparative study charts. For instance, one popular such review, lists the names like Hostgator, hostmonster, Fatcow, bluehost, HostUpon, lunarpages, etc. Each company’s individual offerings under tabulated features, give you a comparative reading at an easy glance. They are accompanied by the review’s own grading and recommendation from user experience and opinion. Links from within the charts take you to the company site itself that tries to pander to your most demanding options. Links to blog pages take you to customer remarks that further add a stamp of authenticity. These are names of, supposedly trusted and tried blueblood operators, who are advertised to significantly deliver on promises on a steadfast basis. After going through such an ideal reference, the client should find enough evidence to warrant the choice of the perfect host to launch his website. But often the integrity of such promising and convenient agencies is compromised and the veracity of their reports is called into question.

The agencies that promise the best in offerings like web Hosting –Top 10 Review 2012, are highly suspicious for a number of reasons. A simple search engine entry for hosting reviews returned almost 5,000,000 results. Most of them have their own separate favorites, and conflicting research results that undermine the integrity of such reviews. The issues of honesty, unbiased analysis and accuracy in reporting make for a complete mockery of the intended purpose of such a review. Leaks about the commission arrangements between hosting companies and review agents, have exposed an unsavory favoritism for companies with higher monetary inducements to them. These reviews wind up as blatant advertisement for favored clients, with outright false statistics and analysis reports, that only serve to promote the company’s best interests. Often, a little behind the scenes probing, yields revelations that unmask the nefarious nature of pernicious marketing. A simple peek at the page source from the view option in the browser revealed the all too telling affiliate links details. One then begins to understand how such reviews turn out to be just advertisement fronts for the companies themselves, incorporating apparent independent customer feedback and opinion to boost their image.

One can find similar parallels in most business lines. Most computer magazines carry just the same market survey and analysis reports that are vociferously opposed to, as pandering to favouritism. The same is the case with the automobile industry, cameras, cell phones, music players, speakers, etc. So, ultimately the client must rely on his own personal research and judgment to make the correct choice.


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