What is the best web hosting provider

Best web hosting provider –some important tips!

To get a fair judgment of what is the best web hosting provider, one should take into consideration the following factors: the price-value ratio, key features, bonus features, uptime reliability, customer support, user friendliness, past and current users feed back and the web hosting awards that the hosting service has garnered. A comparative analysis of these features would be most helpful in reaching to a dependable conclusion.

The price-value ratio means the quality and number of features and the quality of service the hosting company is offering at a particular price. In some cases, the price may be lower than other web hosting providers but they may be lacking in some key features or uptime reliability. Therefore, it is better to check all features prior to any assessment.

Similarly, key features and bonus features are important aspects and a comparative of the same must be done of at least a dozen web hosting companies. Many of these companies offer two plans which could be misleading in terms of price and the features offered in the package. So it is better to check both the packages and then make any comparison. The key features mainly refer to the domain and uptime reliability along with the free bonus and extras that the host is giving in the package.

Most of the web host services have price plan ranging from $ 3.45 to $ 3.95 per month. So the price may differ within $ 0.50 which in a year comes to just $ 6.0. This is not a very big amount to consider at the cost of reliability and quality of customer support. Technical support is an essential requirement if you want your website to be useful to your clients and potential users. A 24/7 technical support and customer friendliness must be provided by the host to keep your website in a good working condition.

The website must-have features like advanced blogging software, sophisticated security features and a comprehensive email facility. Finally, the most reliable source for evaluating web host services is the past and current user feed back. One must read the reviews of the users as they give the correct information without the self-praise of the hosting websites.

It also needs to be advised regarding what is the best web hosting provider that the ranking of the web host vis-a-vis their packages may differ for individuals, small businesses and big enterprises. An individual should go for a cheap web host offering an affordable price. Small business owners should get VPS web hosting with advanced features and an enterprise should consider dedicated servers with full control features.

Based on the above factors the top five web hosting companies are:

You may go through several websites and select as per your own analytical estimate. By following simple guidelines, you are quite likely to make the ranking yourself.

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