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Web hosting is completely dependent on your website and also on the server that you use. The technical knowledge associated with it will help you succeed in this particular business. Besides the server, there are a few additional features, software and technologies that will help you to develop an interesting website and that make your work easier. FTP is one such standard network protocol that makes uploading and downloading of files online easier, than any other technology. It makes your work for interesting and a fun to do task. Read this article to know more about FTP web hosting and use it for your website.

FTP stands for file transfer protocol and as the name says, this protocol helps you transfer files (i.e. upload or download them) online with complete ease. FTP allows you to transfer files from one host to another over the internet. It is client-server based as it allows for separate control and data connections between the client and the server. You can either substantiate yourself on the server with a unique sign in protocol or if the server allows you to enter anonymously, you can do so.

To build an effective website, you should be able to upload and download files, for which FTP has been provided in many web hosting packs. Most of the web browsers can regain FTP protocols, but they support it as HTTP URL. If you are not aware of the technical issues of FTP, you can go for companies that provide complete support for the technical problems that which may arise using FTP web hosting.

You will find many websites conducting FTP tutorials, which give you complete guidance about FTP, how it works and also about the advanced FTP commands. It is easy to use FTP, first you download the software and then you just need to follow the wizard and complete the installation, and begin to work. The most preferred software for FTP is Smart FTP. The standard type of website hosting server is UNIX, but can be changed according to your wish.

Web hosting companies provide FTP web hosting with high quality customer service, powerful FTP servers and also some additional features (free of cost). It is possible that you may get confused in choosing the best FTP server among the available options. In that case, you can go by the ratings of those companies, based on their service and the reviews given by their clients. You also need to analyse the features required for your website like, scripting languages, databases and highlight. Different companies have different features, so you have to choose the one that will help in the growth of your website.

FTP is completely secure because it uses different methods to transfer your files securely from one host to another. Some of the methods are:

· FTPS implicit

· FTPS explicit

· FTP over SSH (not SFTP)


These methods will make you completely tension free, regarding the security of your file transfer.

So, if you want a secure, fast and easy way to transfer files, no option can be better than FTP.

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