Low Cost Web Hosting – a viable business?

Low cost web hosting can certainly help the small operator to generate a healthy income, with a little initial investment and low overheads. A businessman is wont to distribute his resources for the best price. This brings into focus the resources available to the web host. In order to sell website space on the server, the host needs to promote the availability of disk space, bandwidth access and backup support. The general expectation of a web host businessman is to exploit the under utilization of resources allotted to clients. If a dormant website, has little need for the disk space allotted to it, a good portion of the excess space can be juggled among more demanding sites. If promises of sufficient disk space were made to woo the clients, this kind of resource juggling can be made at no extra cost to the web host. The more unscrupulous of hosts may even charge of making the extra space available. Observing the activity and resource demand of the new website, over the initial period, the host can classify a client under various categories to assess the amount of resources he would need in the long run. These categories could be dynamic, hyper-dynamic, static, disk space-intensive, low space consumer, etc. This would project the amount of resources he can make available to expand his business without being overstretched.  For instance, if through the analysis of his observation report, he discovers sites with greater transfer demands with audio/video streaming, he would be well advised to ensure the high transfer limits by increasing the bandwidth. However, the added expenditure can be passed on to the client on a mutually agreed and fair basis. It is vital to operate a backup and support system with 24/7 access via telephone or chat channels. Now, this might seem a forbiddingly high expenditure exercise to some operators, who proceed to run fly by night services that enroll as many clients as possible at the outset, and then drop out of cyberspace forever. For this reason, and for a steady reputation as a low cost web hosting business, an entrepreneur should go to any length to garner the goodwill of the public, by setting out a perfectly reliable backup and support system. For the serious and long term operator, this assurance will reap the business more profit, when he is recommended as a reliable host to prospective clients.  
The low cost web hosting business is important because it requires little investment, less technical knowhow and affords steady returns. The host can easily make his services attractive to website owners, by offering features at comparatively low prices. Offering raw logs to analyze traffic, specialized software for easy access and dynamism, user compatibility for software and language, extensive database access, etc., are important features to make the service saleable. Another lucrative area for a low cost web host is to purchase more space for the rate he is already getting and operate his own multiple commercial sites, where he generates income while ensuring the highest quality service to his sites. Individual IP addresses vastly his increase his exposure on search engines who list his sites as separate entities.

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