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Web hosting has indeed found a place in the hearts of millions of individuals and businessmen willing to create websites. The companies that provide web hosting facilities supply the domain, bandwidth, disk space and certain other critical services needed to make a website. If you are a start up, you can try the cheap domain option as you may be at that juncture, experimenting with stuff!
The domain for a website is usually sold but whether the domain will be sold for free or for a price greatly depends upon the category of website you select. For instance, if you do not wish to spend money on building a website, you can use free servers that already have websites created and make your website on them. However, the name of the website will then also include the name of the free server. On the other hand, if you are a businessman and wish to portray a professional image of your company, you should purchase a domain so that it does not include the name of the server. Cheap web hosting free domain has helped many individuals and small businessman to establish their leisure and business websites, respectively.
The price of a domain varies according to the disk space, bandwidth, up time, down time and certain other parameters offered by the company. Cheap web hosting free domain can be availed by either registering online or by going through a physical application process. The biggest advantage is the low price of web hosting. The typical prices for this facility can be as low as $3.5 or even $3, again depending upon the parameters chosen for the domain. This is payable on either a monthly or a yearly basis as per your convenience. For people who want to establish a business and wish to reduce the initial investment the option of choosing a web hosting facility with a very low cost is most appropriate. Free domains provided by companies may come with a trade-off for performance. However, there are also servers that offer high performance at a very cheap rate. Before availing such a facility, one should keep in mind the fact that the web hosting service that provides such a cheap rate would definitely not provide a large disk space. Hence, such web hosting facilities are not suited for entertainment websites that transfer huge chunks of data.
Cheap web hosting free domain offers you the option of website creation as well as the transfer of an existing website. Important features of creating a new website with such a facility are free CMS and blog setup, free domain name, immediate account activation and access to a technical support center. For an existing website that is transferred, the features include free database transfer, free file transfer, very low downtime and high uptime.
Based on all the pros and cons of cheap web hosting free domain, it should be evident that the choice whether to avail such a facility or not greatly depends on the requirements of your business.             

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