Free web hosting sites with no ads - an option?

Today we find many companies offering free web hosting services. If you are developing a basic or a personal page, a small business or association website; or if you are simply starting out in the world of web pages and want to test your creations, then free web hosting can be enough for you.

We have said that in this world, and especially on the Internet, nobody gives anything for free. But surprisingly, if we look a little harder on the Internet, we can even find free web hosting sites with no ads, and so prevent visitors to our website from being distracted by those annoying banner ads.

While any free hosting service has some conditions and limiting features, free web hosting sites with no ads may be even more limiting and not fit our needs. However, by looking at the service offerings of each one, we can quickly check whether they meet our requirements or not.

If you want to portray a professional image and provide quality service to your users, then free web hosting is not highly recommended. However, you should know what to expect if you choose a free web hosting service.

Advertising - Generally, when people give something for free it is because they expect something in return. In this case, majority of companies offering free web hosting will use your website to display some form of advertising. It will not simply be a small picture saying who offers free web hosting but rather a banner scrolling from side to side with dazzling flashes that will often obscure the rest of the page. It could even be a pop-up that will open each time you change the page. A reasonably sized banner that does not bother your users is more than fair exchange for a free web hosting.

It is not unusual for several of these companies to start offering free web hosting without ads and then ultimately end up introducing some kind of advertising on your website. Nevertheless, there are some that continue to offer the free service in the anticipation that if you need to grow in the future, you will employ one of their paid hosting plans.

Conditions - As with any type of accommodation, you will have limited space and limited transfer along with a number of other conditions to consider. Some companies do not allow one to host websites with adult or offensive content and some others do not allow for downloading files or at least put a limit on the downloads. In short, read the Terms of Service carefully before you choose the hosting service that best suits your needs.

Support - While using a free web hosting, you should not expect someone from the technical support team to pick up the phone or answer an email each time you face some difficulty. Most companies offer online support through a forum where you can raise your problems or read about similar problems discussed and resolved earlier.


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