Advantages of free google web hosting service

The introduction and development of led to the introduction of free Google web hosting services. This hosting service is new but most of the hosting industries in the market are talking about it, especially those industries that also provide free hosting services. Google made a smart move by introducing this free web hosting service, especially considering the gains that they have made in the market. This move is also a perfect addition to their service portfolio. Google has developed over the years, to become the leading industry, offering search engine services. There are many people who don’t know about Google, but when they hear that term they will relate it to the internet, even though they do not know its main purpose. Almost every World Wide Web user knows the purpose of Google, because so many people worldwide use it as their primary search engine. Google has a good reputation for the service they offer; this type of reputation can result in several changes, in the industry of hosting, if they continue to offer quality services. There are many reasons as to why Google prospers in this hosting industry. Google usually permits its clients to make as many pages as they want; also the clients are able to create additional pages with just a single click. Google also allows its clients to customize the pages they have created, according to their preference. Google usually provides a wide variety of pre- made templates, which are essential for individuals, who are designing websites for the first time and also for those individuals who do not want to create a new template or who do not have the time for it. Once an individual has published his or her own template, he or she will be able to modify it in future. Google has also employed their sharing and accessing applications, which can be found in Google docs and has used it in the free Google web hosting service. An individual is only required to click a button, and he or she will be able to choose, as to who can share, access information and data, on his or her website. This application is essential and useful to many individuals, especially for companies and clubs, who have to control the people accessing their websites. When an individual is using Google, this search engine will always check all the hosted pages that the individual is visiting. This always helps an individual and keeps him or her safe from accessing web pages that are illegal. This free web hosting service that was developed by Google is not similar to free Blogger service, which is also owned by Google. The blogging CMS is found in, which is completely different from the services offered by free Google site. When it comes to Google hosting, an individual does not have to pay anything, but Google sites enable an individual to create his or her own website, have his or her own URL and also modify his or her website at any time. An individual can also choose templates and select the storage level that he or she prefers.


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