Which is the top web hosting for wordpress?

If you are looking out for an open source content management system, here is one of the best options for you. Wordpress is mainly used for blogging sites because of its special features. It supports PHP and MySQL. It has a plug-in architecture and also a template system. To measure its glory, you can find that almost thirteen percent of one million websites have used wordpress for their sites. If you also want to install it, know how to use it for your website and also find which is the top web hosting for wordpress, do read this article.

Wordpress can be downloaded in a number of ways. You can find the latest version from wordpress.org. It has the following additional features:
·       It allows you to install and switch between themes.
·       It has a web template system that uses a template processor.
·       You do not need to edit PHP and HTML codes to rearrange widgets.
·       You can advance your customizations by editing PHP and HTML codes.
·       It offers a rich plug-in architecture that allows the developers as well as the users to extend their limits beyond the functionality offered in basic version.

Wordpress is an award winning blog platform. It won a packet open source CMS award in the year 2007 and another best open source CMS award in 2009. These awards in themselves are the proof of excellent quality of service and the amazing features.

Many web hosting companies provide wordpress, for web hosting to their clients. Wordpress allows you to host a wordpress blog on your own, under your domain. Web hosting packs that come with wordpress are not at all expensive. They are completely worth the price because wordpress is present inside to support you and help you make it big. The top web hosting for wordpress companies are:
·       Blue Host: This Company stands on top of the entire list of web hosting competitors. They have marked the place in the industry by setting a good example of service and excellence. Wordpress web hosting packs through Blue Host will add stars to your efforts and always help you deliver the right fruits.
·       Dream Host: This organization has been offering the best services in web hosting for the last six years. Their service has been awarded as the number one hosting company by their clients through online votes. They offer unlimited domains and pop-up e-mail ids.
·       Media Temple: This Company can boast of their wordpress packs because, along with the basic services, it also offers great traffic to your site. It offers high speed, more storage and bandwidth to run an entire blogging empire.
·       Laughing squid: This organization is known for its user friendly set up and is completely dependable. They provide the online content and get you freedom from the unreliable and impersonal web hosting.

The companies mentioned above are on top in web hosting business because of their services. They offer wordpress in their packs to improve their standard and rating.


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