Free Web Hosting

What are the advantages of free web hosting?

Free web hosting has now become a popular web hosting types in the industry. It is a kind of web hosting service where hosting sites offer free web space on its server to design and host the web site free of cost. The primary reason of becoming famous is that it is free. Although, free hosting service may have certain disadvantages like limited web hosting features and forced advertisements, but there are many advantages that we are going discuss here.

  1. The most prime advantage of free web hosting is it is free of cost as we stated earlier. You can build your own website without investing a huge of amount of cost of web space. It is a good opportunity for a beginner webmaster to learn about designing a website and create a personal website to share with others. Even an experienced webmaster also can avail the advantage of this to improve their HTML skills, design experimental websites, or craft sites that reflect their personal interests.

  2. Free websites are also very useful of those group people are having similar interests to share web contents but not able to spend money due to some unavoidable circumstances.

  3. Voluntary or non-profit organizations having low capital or having no budget to se up a website to circulate information about the events and news or to communicate with other participants can easily avail the advantage of free hosting service.

  4. It is really a great option for a family to launch a website to share family photos, videos, family events of general importance.

  5. Creating a free website is amazingly easy and time saving that you can have your site ready on web just in minutes. These hosting servers provide ample choice of website features in their free packages, and you need not be paying for any extra features which you really do not need for your website.

  6. Free web hosting is another option for web designing students to learn a lot about designing a website, website developing, maintaining a website on the internet etc. students have scopes to be familiar with website development tool, file management, files uploading, website maintaining, website monitoring etc. most of the free hosting providers offer all the features like a paid hosting such as, cPanle, email, subdomains, mysql1, PHP, front page extensions, free templates etc. Some of the free web hosts provide WYSIWYG site builders to offer extra comfort to webmasters.

  7. There are many free web hosts who provide online site builders or templates so that users do not need to use any program like Dreamweaver, MS Front Page or GoLive to build and design the website separately.

  8. There are almost every free web hosts those offer subdomain with hosting. It really helps the users to avail the site instantly and need not to wait for domain registrations or transfers to have a live website.

  9. As day by day, web hosting plans are becoming cheaper, so most of the free web hosts also have come up with options like more web space, greater bandwith,            and unlimited features to sustain in the competitions.


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